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Cambridge Poultry

Chicken breed equipment and poultry sales

We have had poultry for sale here in Bottisham (nr Cambridge) in one way or another for over 100 years and have been farming here for more than 300 years, the main flock of Rhode Island Reds were originally used to supply eggs to the village and the surrounding area, all the birds were kept in moveable wooden huts and kept on grass land.

Things have moved on since then, we now rear poultry in specially designed moveable houses and are one of the United Kingdoms best known free range poultry farms. Hens are reared from "day old chick" to "point of lay" out on the range and have the freedom to roam as soon as possible.

We supply free range "point of lay" chickens to anyone from the small backyard poultry keeper to smallholders wanting to sell eggs. We also have a great range of poultry housing available from the farm.
The Chickens we have for sale are usually supplied at between 15-19 weeks and usually start laying around 22 weeks of age.

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