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Cambridge Poultry Recommends:


Oxford Poultry

Quality Point of Lay Chickens for smallholders, gardens and allotments
Oxford Poultry »


Chicken Houses and Beehives
Omlet »


Pets4Homes is the UKs most popular free pet advertising site, with over 1.5 Million visitors every month and 15 Million advert views
Pets4Homes »

Newman Farms

Firewood and Kindling in the East of England (Delivered or Collected from our Cambridge Based Farm)
Newman Farms »

Webb's Croft

We are professional residential property letting and management agents covering Cambridge, Newmarket and the surrounding areas.
Webb's Croft»


Archie's Little Gems Sister Site

Breeding the Blue Egg Layer (Araucana's)
Archie's Little Gems Sister site »

Oakwood Brahmas

We are based in the West Norfolk countryside and we keep a few Salmon Faverolles but our main passion is for Brahmas which we have a large number of, in a variety of different colours.
Oakwood Brahmas »

Beasty Birds

Breeders of rare and pure breed poultry
Beasty Birds »

Allandoo Pheasantry

Breeders of ornamental and rare species of pheasant in the UK
Allandoo Pheasantry »

Meadow Poultry

Meadow Poultry - home to happy, healthy, beautiful Sussex Bantams.
Meadow Poultry »



Keeping Chickens: A Beginners Guide - Care for Chickens with Red Mite »
Information about the only licensed in feed wormer for chickens Flubenvet »

The Poultry Pages

Poultry Help - Backyard Hens to Ducks & Geese
The Poultry Pages »

Poultry Keeper

This is a hobby site run by a small group of poultry keeping enthusiasts.
Poultry Keeper »

Low Cost Living

Low Cost Living - The Self Sufficient Home.
Low Cost Living »

Broad Leys Publishing

Broad Leys Publishing - Poultry and Smallholding Books
specialists in books for smallholders, homesteaders, poultry keepers and organic gardeners
Broad Leys Publishing »


Barrys Poultry

Barrys Poultry Housing offers a range of purpose built poultry accommodation whether you are a beginner or experienced poultry keeper.
Barrys Poultry »

Rural And Equestrian

Rural and Equestrian: Equestrian Property and Properties with Land
Rural And Equestrian »

NatureForm Hatchery Systems

NatureForm Hatchery Systems is one of the leading and most respected suppliers of specialty incubation equipment in the world.
NatureForm Hatchery Systems »


Urban Chickens

Chicken Forum & Poultry Forum - Urban Chickens
Urban Chickens »

Chicken Talk Blog

Chicken Talk Blog »

My Chicken House

My chicken house is an online poultry community designed for you - share your tips on raising backyard chickens from choosing the poultry house, chicken coop or luxury hen house to choosing the right poultry supplier, poultry equipment and supplies.
My Chicken House »


Chicken School

Chicken School provides a 1-2-1 chicken keeping course tailored especially for you and your family.
Chicken School »

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