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Answers to frequently asked questions

Here are some questions we get asked about keeping chickens, if you would like to know more please visit our Poultry Advice » page.

1. How much space do chickens need?
The normal amount of space if you are considering hen keeping is about 30cm of perch space and a minimum of 1 square metre of run per bird

2.How often will I need to clean the poultry house?
That depends on you but we would recommend every couple of weeks. Chicken Poo can be a little smelly but if you're using wood shavings as a bedding material in the house does counter act it extremely well.

3 Do you need a cockerel for hens to lay eggs?
Absolutely not, it is better not to have a cockerel unless you want the eggs to be fertilized or you'd like to be woken up at 3:30am

4 Do hens make a lot of noise?
Chickens are not to noisy and are completely silent at night, they will cackle occasionally though the day but will squark and let you know when they have laid an egg or have been disturbed but unlike a cockerel it will be at a very respectable time.

5 Can I mix breeds?
Yes, you can. It does not matter if you have different breeds of chicken. However care must be taken when introducing new hens to an existing flock. Care must also be taken to ensure you are introducing healthy hens otherwise infection can spread extremely quickly.

6 When do chickens start laying?
Our poultry leaves the farm at about 16 weeks, generally they start to lay at around 21 weeks depending on the time of year. The less daylight they have the less food they will eat and the later it be before they start laying eggs.

7 Will chickens eat scraps from the kitchen?
Generally yes but do not give them meat, and for some reason they will not eat raw potato peelings. If you do give scraps it is important to ensure that it does not replace the layers pellet/mash so as a general rule scraps should just be given in the afternoons.

8 Why keep chickens?
A chicken will eat about 120-160 grams a day costing no more than 5p a day and lay you between 20 and 25 DOZEN eggs in its first year, 20-25 dozen of premium free range eggs in a supermarket will cost you more than £65 over the same period, but the cost of a chicken with feed and grit will cost you just over £30.They are also extremely good fun and can become extremely friendly if not chased around.

9 Do chickens need extra heat in the winter?
No they Don't, fully grown and feathered chickens are descended from Wild Jungle Fowl and do not need extra heat in the winter, however they will suffer if its too hot. The Poultry Housing should be relatively draft free but well ventilated.

10 Is it easy to keep chickens?
Yes, very easy!! Check out our Poultry Advice section for more information on our hens for sale.

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