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Chickens for sale

Please call first to check for availability.

Point of Lay Chickens are 15 weeks and no younger, they will usually start to lay from about 20-22 weeks. We believe it is best to obtain your hens before they begin to lay so that the laying cycle is not upset by the change of home.

The chickens we have for sale are hybrid pullets that have been bred from pure breeds like the Light Sussex, Rhode Island Red, Maran, Leghorn and Barred Plymouth Rock. They have been bred for their egg laying abilities. Our hens are "Free Range" reared here on the farm and have the freedom to roam outside from a young age which helps to create a much healthier and stronger bird but it does mean that if its been raining you may need your Wellies!!

When you come to the farm to pick up your chickens please try to bring either a strong cardboard box or a pet carrier.


The Goldline The Goldline - £11

The Goldline is a commercial brown laying hen which can lay in excess of 300 eggs in her first year.

She is a good placid bird once she gets to know you and a great hen with children.

The Nera (Rhode Rock) - £11

The Nera is a lovely black bird, coming in either all black or black with gold markings.

She is a hardy cross of Barred Plymouth Rock and Rhode cockerel. She lays around 290 brown eggs per year.

The Nera (Rhode Rock)

The Cambridge Blue The Cambridge Blue - £11

This is a beautiful docile bird and lays around 250 eggs in the first year. One of the favourites for her unique lovely colour. She is a cross from the Andalusian and Barred Plymouth.

The Light Sussex - £11

This Light Sussex has proven to be a good dual purpose bird which continues to lay well at approximately 260 eggs.

She is a lovely looking bird, with a slightly larger frame and has black markings around her neck and tail.

The Light Sussex

The Amber The Amber - £11

A hen with attractively cream coloured plumage and occasionally splattered with brown markings these chickens are the result of crossing Rhode Island White males with Rhode Island Red females producing a calm layer of up to 300 eggs in her first year.

The Heritage Blue - £20

This Cream Legbar cross has a very interesting mottled appearance with a distinctive "crest". It is an active good sized bird with 80% laying a blue/green egg and the remainder laying various pastel shades.

The Heritage Blue

The Speckledy The Speckledy - £11

The Speckledy is bred from a Maran and Rhode Island Red. They are very placid birds and lay a slightly darker coloured egg.

She lays around 270 eggs in her first year.

The White Leghorn - £11

The White Leghorn is the ultimate egg layer and is a beautiful pure white hen that is a slightly slimmer bird compared to the other breeds hence a bit more flighty. They are well known for their excellent laying abilities and for their white coloured eggs.

She lays around 320 white eggs in her first year.

The White Leghorn

The Copper Maran The Copper Maran - £11

The Copper Maran lays about 250 darker shelled eggs. She has been bred from a French Copper Maran and a Rhode Island Red. A great option for someone looking for a little variety.

The Black Tail - £11

The Black Tail is a traditional looking dark brown hen with a good easy going temperament, she is a Rhode Island Red and Light Sussex Cross and a prolific layer of around 300 eggs in her first year.

The Black Tail

(Subject to Availability)

We are a normal working farm, so please contact us first before arrival so we can meet you in the farmyard.

We are available Monday to Friday.

On Saturdays we are open from 10am onwards.

We are closed on Sundays.

Please call us first to check availability.

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